Ford Focus ST Mk 2 to 2012. Exhausts

Ferrita non resonated LOUDER performance cat back

Suitable for : Focus ST Mk 2 to 2012.

Ferrita's new LOUDER 'non resonated' stainless performance cat back with just the one rear silencer. Same Ferrita attention to detail, quality and development work on their own in-house dyno giving the very best outputs.


Ferrita stainless cat back sports system for Ford Focus ST.

Suitable for : Focus ST Mk 2 to 2012.

This system fits after the downpipe and comprises of a first small resonator followed by another straight through box that divides the gasses between two tail pipes finishing with turned in and polished ends that fit perfectly into the rear bumper of the ST.


Ferrita stainless downpipe with Ecocat for Ford Focus ST.

Suitable for : Focus ST Mk 2 to 2012. - Focus RS \'08

This special stainless steel downpipe from the turbo in 3" material, takes the exhaust gasses via a high quality flexi' section and a 100cel Kemira Ecocat 'race cat" into a 2.5" end section that mates to the 'cat-back'. Beautifully made, this item will greatly improve the flow of the exhaust gasses, reducing back pressure and contributing to both higher engine outputs and improved component life in modified engines. Supplied with new rubbers and clamps.


Lambda plug extension. Ford Focus

Suitable for : Focus ST Mk 2 to 2012. - SMAX - Mondeo - Focus RS \'08

This extension piece is designed and fabricated to move the lambda sensor away from the immediate gas flow where a downpipe with 100cel cat has been fitted which is causing an engine check light to come on.