Ford Focus ST Mk 3 Ecoboost. Exhausts

Ferrita cat back stainless sports system.

Suitable for : Focus ST Mk 3 Ecoboost.

Ferrita's Swedish made stainless sports system for Ford's ST Ecoboost engine, similar to that made for various Volvo models that have used this Ecoboost engine for 6 years. Designed with the experience gained from those Volvo installations and extensive testing on Ferrita's own in-house rolling road this is fabricated from 2.5" tube and with 2 straight though boxes it keeps the gases flowing at high speed and most readily dissipates heat. It eradicates the final standard 'east-west' silencer that otherwise spoils the flow, replacing it with a simple and effective second box. This does not make for a noisy or droning installation but very pleasantly changes the sound and exhaust note.


Ferrita stainless downpipe with 100 cel cat.

Suitable for : Focus ST Mk 3 Ecoboost.

This downpipe is fabricated from 3" tube down to the premium 100 cel cat and from there in 2.5" material to sustain rapid gas flow and heat dissipation. It has been developed over the 6 years that Volvo have used this engine in their own cars.