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Plate type limited slip diff.

Suitable for : Focus ST Mk 2 to 2012. - SMAX - Mondeo

Plate type limited slip differential that replaces the standard unit in the Volvo M66 6 speed manual gearbox. The new RS already has Quaife ATB diff fitted, but you might wish to replace this for motorsport purposes. This diff. can be supplied in various configurations depending on the use to which your car is being put. It will maintain drive even if one driven wheel is not in contact with the ground, unlike the Quaife type diff. which looses drive if either driven wheel is not in contact with the ground. It is fully adjustable with the substitution of certain parts and is fully rebuildable from all parts that are available from stock.


AP Racing uprated clutch and Kalmar Union lightened single mass flywheel kit for Ford Focus ST.

Suitable for : Focus ST Mk 2 to 2012. - SMAX - Mondeo - Focus RS \'08

This kit comprises of an AP Racing cast aluminium cover and unsprung disc combined with a Kalmar Union lightened, single mass flywheel specially machined to mate with the Volvo M66 gearbox installed in the Ford Focus ST and RS with 5 cylinder engines. This kit weighs just 13 kg. in total, a reduction of 7 kg. over the standard installation. The cast aluminium cover avoids all the distortion associated with all pressed metal alternatives, it gives low mass and inertia and eliminates the very small disc lift from the flywheel associated with those pressed covers. For customers outside the EU the price without UK VAT is £930 and if you want to get a local price for collection from KU the package measures 40 x 40 x 26 cms and weighs 13Kg.