We needed to make some headway with a range of products for the smaller Volvo T5’s with their compact RNCT engines that came onto the UK market in 2004.

The introduction of Ford’s Focus ST some time later with exactly that engine and the Volvo Getrag M66 gearbox prompted the purchase of our own ST in late ’07 with the intention of using it for the development of usefull stuff not only for that Ford, but for all the similarly chassied smaller Volvo T5’s.

After two years ST ownership we now have a fair number of usefull components for these cars. In particular Ferrita stainless sports exhausts, a genuine AP big brake kit, a fully adjustable suspension package, two alternative LSD’s, stronger steel rods, reworked turbo, intercoolers, bushes and other really usefull stuff.

We are also putting the finishing touches to our very own Kalmar Union software which will give the very best on the road outputs in three stages of tune from 265bhp through to 300bhp, not one of them causing clutch slip, cel lights or any other boggey associated with some aftermarket software brands.