Volvo 850, S70/V70/C70 P1. Exhausts

Ferrita stainless sports downpipe with 100cel cat

Suitable for : 850, S70/V70/C70 P1.

This item is for all Volvo 850 and subsequent S70, V70 and C70 saloon, estates and coupes fitted with an angled flange Mitsubishi TDO4 16T, 18T or 19T turbocharger. This special stainless steel downpipe from the turbo in 3" material, takes the exhaust gasses via a high quality flexi' section and a 100cel Ecocat 'race cat" into a 2.5" end section that mates to the 'cat-back'. Beautifully made, this item will greatly improve the flow of the exhaust gasses, reducing back pressure and contributing to both higher engine outputs and improved component life in modified engines.


Stainless Ferrita performance exhaust.

Suitable for : 850, S70/V70/C70 P1.

Stainless steel performance exhaust system from the cat back in 2.5" material with 2 double skinned straight through silencers and finishing with a single 3" round, rolled in and polished tailpipe that slides in and out to get the position you want for saloon, estate or coupe.

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