Volvo 850, S70/V70/C70 P1. Suspension

Aluminium wheel spacers: 5mm. thick each.

Suitable for : 850, S70/V70/C70 P1. - S60/S80/XC70/V70 P2

Aluminium wheel spacers 5mm set of 2 (2 sets required per car). 2 x 5mm, total widening 10mm. For 5 stud wheels.


Front suspension camber adjustment bolt kit.

Suitable for : 850, S70/V70/C70 P1.

This pair of bolts replace the standard upper bolts that secure the front suspension struts to the hubs. By adjustment you can gain up to 1.75 degrees of negative camber from standard or otherwise non adjustable aftermarket struts.


Fully adjustable suspension package

Suitable for : 850, S70/V70/C70 P1.

Fully adjustable performance suspension package, with hand built front struts with adjustable ride height, 24 point damper setting and camber adjustment of up to 4 degrees, 65mm. front springs wound to locate into the standard top mounts. 24 point adjustable rear dampers and uprated and lowered rear springs. We suggest front spring rates of 350lb and 280lb rear springs, however we can supply other spring rates to order.


IPD uprated front and rear anti roll bar kit.

Suitable for : 850, S70/V70/C70 P1.

This kit comprises of heavier duty front and rear anti roll bars and all neccessary fittings. It will reduce body roll in cornering and improve steering response and handling. As it does not lower the vehicle it has no noticeable effect on the negotiation of speed bumps and humps.


IPD uprated rear anti roll bar.

Suitable for : 850, S70/V70/C70 P1.

Uprated rear anti roll bar which will improve handling and response to steering inputs by reducing understeer. Complete with all fittings and bushings. This bar will form a usefull suspension upgrade when combined with just the front uprated and lowered Eibach springs on a vehicle fitted with rear self levelling suspension, although that combination will give the vehicle a slight 'nose down' attitude, whilst reducing body roll and helping to improve handling.


Long wheel bolts x 10.

Suitable for : 850, S70/V70/C70 P1.

Extra long wheel bolts for use with spacers availables in sets of 10. Spec: taper head, M12 x 1.75, 45mm shaft.


Polyurethane front lower suspension bushes

Suitable for : 850, S70/V70/C70 P1.

Polyurethane bushes for the lower front wishbones: giving superior of control fore and aft movement of suspension under acceleration and heavy braking: