Volvo S40/V40 Engine

Blanking plate.

Suitable for : 850, S70/V70/C70 P1. - S60/S80/XC70/V70 P2 - S40/V40

Blanking plate to replace the recirculating valve found on all Mitsubishi TDO4 familly turbos.

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Forged steel connecting rods.

Suitable for : S40/V40

Set of four forged steel connecting rods for all T4 engines in the now discontinued S40/V40 T4's and 2 litre T engines. These will ensure a robust engine able to handle higher boost and some uncontrolled boost spikes when mated to standard Volvo pistons up to arround an output of 380bhp., when we would suggest they should be fitted with other than standard pistons if long life is in mind.