Volvo S40/V50/C30/C70 

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Based on the Ford Focus platform
S40 : Saloon Models from 2004-2009
V50 : Estate Models from 2004-2009
C70 : Coupe Models from 2006-2009
C30 : Coupe Models from 2007-2009

Here we have a comprehensive range of performance parts for all the smaller Volvo cars based on the Ford Focus platform. with the major developement work carried out on our own Ford Focus ST which shares its major components with Volvo's current small T5 vehicles we are in a unique position to offer components for these smaller performance Volvos. Our main interest is focused on performance parts for these cars: uprated suspension including 'coilover' kits, lowered spring sets, sports dampers, anti roll bars and uprated braking components comprising of various drilled and grooved discs and pads suitable for fast road and track use. Our range of Ferrita stainless performance exhausts comprises primarily of performance cat back systems and stainless downpipes with Kemira/Ecocat 100 cel catalysts. We have our own unique range of stronger forged con rods to ensure the integrity of the T4 and 2 litre turbo engines running high outputs with higher boost pressures, larger uprated front mounted aluminium intercoolers, heavy duty polyurethane engine and suspension bushes, dump valve kits and our Quaife torque biaising and Gripper plate type diffs, We are the UK distributor of the very fine range of MTE Swedish written software upgrades for all Volvo's more recent turbocharged cars.