Our interest in Volvo’s new mid '90s' front wheel drive turbocharged passenger cars started in 1996 when be bought a new 850 T5, that car being stolen and replaced by another within months, that followed by an S70 T5 which eventually metamorphosed into a fully prepared track car that we have kept to this day

So, our second T5 was the basis for our establishing a range of parts and equipment to enhance its power output, handling and braking that we could subsequently offer to other owners. Those oldest parts of our catalogue are still offered to this day; the original AP big brake kit and fully adjustable suspension kit followed by limited slip diffs., the range of Swedish made Ferrita exhausts, special bushings, dampers and brake components and other stuff usefull to those disposed to messing about with late model Volvos.

In 2001 we bought a new S60 T5 ‘Challenge’ car directly from Volvo in Gothenburg. That has been the test bed for much of the components that we have deleloped or sourced for the later P2 models and brought us some notable results in the UK’s Britcar long distance championships as we developed it from its original ‘One make Championship’ configuration into a more powerfull, better handling endurance racer. Capable of holding its own over up to 4 hours against M3’s, Hondas of various shapes and sizes, and many others around the UK’s demanding tracks.